Consumer Segments

Fact: Over 90% of Australians are concerned about the environment, but most are unsure of what to do, or where to start, to become more sustainable in their daily lives.

The Mobium LOHAS Consumer Segmentation identifies four distinct segments of the Australian adult population, based on their values and attitudes, lifestyle choices and current participation in the markets for healthier, more sustainable products and services.

Understanding each of these segments offers a way for businesses, governments and NGO's to better target their engagement with Australians on health and sustainability initiatives and campaigns. 

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Mobium LOHAS Consumer Segmentation Overview


Source: Mobium Group Pty Ltd, Living LOHAS© Report, Copyright Mobium Group 2007-2019

Leaders: Strong concerns about personal, community and planetary health and sustainability issues which shape their values, worldviews and decision making. Highly committed, knowledgeable and have high levels of current participation in multiple LOHAS market categories Leaning: Moderate to strong concerns regarding personal, community and planetary health and sustainability issues. They currently participate in selected LOHAS market categories, however they are not completely engaged and often make trade-offs in their consumption choices. Many feel highly conflicted by their desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle and maintain their current levels of material consumption. Learners: Have more recent awareness of health and sustainability issues. They have poorer levels of knowledge and their interest at a community and planetary level is lower – they are more interested in personal aspects. They fundamentally want to do the right thing but are unsure where to start. At present they are not participating at any deep level in the LOHAS market categories. Laggards: Have low levels of interest in the overall theme of health and sustainability in their lifestyles. Their future intention to participate in the LOHAS market categories is at very low levels.